Breaking all the Rules and Starting Over

For serious blogging, the hard-and-fast rule is consistency. Show up at the same time on the same day, week in and week out, and never waver. I know this rule. I have taught others the importance of this rule.

And yet, I broke it.

So, here I am, starting over. I could share all the crazy reasons that led to the shattered pieces of  the rule you see here, but The Why doesn’t really matter. What does matter are the reasons for writing this blog, that I am now writing, and the value it brings to those who may read it. For some of those reasons, you may want to take a quick glance at the (very short) archives.

In this starting over, I’ll be taking a stronger stand. So, let me first boldly say that there is not a single challenge that your Christian non-profit organization faces that cannot be overcome by the correct practical application of the biblical principles of stewardship and discipleship within your organization. You can check out the Maximize Your Impact page on this site to find out more about that.

My purpose is to equip believers and leaders in proper contextual study of God’s Word. Then, to help them practically apply scriptural principles to their lives and organizations so they thrive through God’s design. Originally, this blog focused on Christian organizations and their leaders in alignment with this concept. But that is not the only area that God has laid on my heart, nor the only mission for which He equipped me.

Since Genuine Stewards LLC also develops ministry and homeschool resources, I will be writing regularly about stewardship and discipleship principles and how they apply in all walks of life, not just for organizational effectiveness. This will be of greater help to more people. I’ll focus on the non-profit organization lens once a month, unless the Holy Spirit leads me to do something differently, because at the end of the day none of this is about my personal preferences anyway.

Whether you’re a Christian non-profit leader, ministry leader, homeschool mom, or faithful believer who wants to make disciples according to Christ’s command, I hope you will continue to show up here as I share biblical principles and practical steps to apply them to daily life and leadership.

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