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Finding Thrive Intensive

Are you constantly putting out fires? Do you spend hours each week begging for volunteers to just to fill the spots necessary to barely cover events and daily operations? Are you losing volunteers faster than you can recruit new ones? Are your committed volunteers suffering from burnout? Is there anyone who can effectively field any question that comes in if you or another key staff member or volunteer are not available? Are you tired of managing chaos?

Is your board committed and actively engaged in fundraising and awareness campaigns? Are your donors engaged to the point of advocacy? Are you counting on the same donor bases, year after year? Does your community know and understand your mission well and support it wholeheartedly? Are you tired of feeling as though there are never enough resources?

Would you love to be able to have confidence that all your volunteer needs were well covered weeks in advance of any event or program need? Would you be thrilled to have every board member actively engaged in advocacy for the organization and committed to meet specific goals for fundraising, awareness, and general support? How much time would it free up for you to spend on mission critical work if you could delegate entire projects and have confidence that they would be executed with only your minimal oversight? How would the trajectory of your organization change if you could effectively deploy a dozen versions of yourself, with strengths that balance out your own, on behalf of the organization’s mission?

Every non-profit leader has felt the pain of volunteer turnover. Every non-profit leader has felt more fire chief, less executive director. Every non-profit leader has felt the burden of insufficient resources. Every non-profit leader longs for a healthy, thriving organization. The saddest thing is that most non-profit leaders have just accepted that this is the way of life in the not-for-profit realm. Don’t buy that lie!

A thriving, healthy organization that grows year after year and accomplishes maximum impact is not a pipe dream. Through the application of biblical principles, wisdom, and sound strategy, an organization can indeed create a sustainable thriving culture. All Christian leaders understand the basic principles of stewardship and discipleship, but most need help to take those principles and translate them into policies, processes, and systems that will help their organization achieve maximum impact.

The Finding Thrive Intensive is a 3-day immersive learning, coaching and strategy session that will equip you and your organization to create the organizational culture that fosters sustainable organizational health and growth. Leaders will leave this intensive with strategies, policies, systems, and new perspective, all rooted firmly in biblical principles, ready to take back to their organizations and begin implementation immediately upon their return home. Only 12 applications will be accepted for each Finding Thrive Intensive (held quarterly). All accepted applicants will be wait-listed for the next session once maximum enrollment has been reached.


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Engagement Blueprint Online Course

Engagement has almost been reduced to little more than a buzzword. But genuine sustained connection is crucial to every relationship. Sustained relationships are crucial to every organization. This course teaches intentional strategy and systems development to effectively engage staff, the volunteer force, donors, the board, and the community in general.



Volunteer Blueprint Online Course

Volunteer turnover is the bane of the non-profit world at large. The real cost to your organization if measured in actual dollar value lost would be staggering to behold. This course uses addresses the core issues at the heart of volunteer turnover according to the most recent research, and teaches you how to develop the systems, policies, and processes that will dramatically reduce volunteer turnover and exponentially increase the overall impact of your organization as a result.




Organic Fundraising for Non-Profits, Online Course or One Day Intensive

Signature events are a good way to increase awareness and raise some money, but organic fundraising campaigns provide consistent, recurring bread and butter for your organization, so long as solid and intentional engagement is a bedrock of your organizational foundation. Learn how to apply the most up to date digital marketing strategies in conjunction with solid principles of engagement to increase your donor base and community advocacy year over year while keeping donor attrition low.