Meet Heather

You won’t find any “about” page written in third person here! I want to share the heart behind Genuine Stewards, and I believe I can only effectively do that in first person.

I am a Christ follower who longs for everyone to know His love and to be transformed by it. I am a wife to Josh, an amazing Godly husband that I appreciate so much more because of my past failed marriages. I am mom and step-mom to 5 children and mother-in-law to a 6th. I am a homeschooler.

I am a lover of books, hot tea, travel, and Disney.

I am Heather.

I teach classes at the local community college. My greatest passion is to equip others to study scripture for themselves in proper context and to then practically apply it in daily life.

I spent 17 years in corporate America, always in some form of sales, management, or training. During that time, I volunteered heavily in non-profit organizations that supported causes I cared about. I served on non-profit boards, chaired fundraiser events, put in strenuous labor hours, and repeatedly captained Relay for Life teams.

After my official time in corporate America, I transitioned to the non-profit realm as an area manager for an educational non-profit and eventually contract and consulting work with non-profits. One of my great frustrations during the transition was the apparent disconnect between the for-profit world and the not for profit world. Although many of the organizational effectiveness strategies that worked in corporate America often translated exactly to non-profit organizations, these methods were often underutilized or completely neglected.

Enter here the formal education. Within the last decade, I earned a B.S. in Organizational Management & Christian Leadership from Colorado Christian University, a Th.M. in Biblical Studies from Liberty University, and am currently in the process of completing an M.I.D. in Executive Leadership, Discipleship & Evangelism, also from Liberty.

My diverse experience and educational background give me unique insight into organizational effectiveness. My greatest passion and my professional passion for organizational excellence intersect in Christian non-profit organizations and entrepreneurship. Christian non-profit leaders want to maximize their organizational impact, thrive, and advance Kingdom causes well. I teach these leaders how to take the Biblical principles of stewardship and discipleship and apply them effectively to their organization. I help them translate these principles and other sound business principles into systems and processes that foster a thriving culture according to God’s design. Christian entrepreneurs often find themselves questioning standard business practices and struggling to determine how to honor God in their business. I help established and brand new entrepreneurs answer those questions and build a solid foundation to grow their business according to scriptural wisdom.

Heather’s healthy perspective…

“Heather’s healthy perspective has been absolutely invaluable in helping our organization to overcome challenges with our volunteer force. We had talked through these challenges with others in the field, and no one else was able to offer solutions. Heather’s diverse blend of experience and education have served us well. She has helped us develop scripturally sound policies and processes that will prevent these same challenges from arising in the future.”

Allison McClain, Executive Director
Royal Family Kids Grant’s Pass

Heather is a results-oriented individual.

“Heather is a results-oriented individual. She helped us increase our Healthy Minds, Healthy Children program reach by over 434% in less than two years. I found Heather to be responsive, prompt, assertive, detail oriented, and utterly reliable, as well as a genuine advocate for our programs and organization. I believe that she strives for excellence in all things, and would be a tremendous asset in any capacity to any organization that should choose to engage her services.”

Donnell Buckner, Executive Director
Mental Health America of the Tar River Region

…she lives what she teaches.

I met Heather while she attended our church in Danville, Virginia. We have remained friends since she moved. Heather is a lady of great integrity, and an incredible work ethic, she is also a student of the Word, but not just one that studies, she is a woman that does her best to be a doer of the Word!

She lives her faith out through ministering to others (including her friends) through loving, praying, and being a generous and faithful steward of her own resources. I love that she realizes that all of her gifts are resources given to her to bring the Kingdom of Heaven to earth.

I guess the thing I love the most about Heather is that she lives what she teaches. She is authentic!! She will be a great blessing to your ministry!

Stephanie Reed, Associate Pastor
New Life Community Church

A Heart for Haiti

Back in 2010, through various circumstances our family was introduced to the work of an orphanage and school in Haiti. Through that introduction, God quickly gave us a heart for the plight and people of Haiti, especially the children. The need for Him, above all else, is so great. The basic needs that we take for granted are an unimaginable luxury to most. Through Danita’s Children, we met a special needs missionary who eventually stepped out to form her own ministry for children with special needs in Haiti and their families, with outreach programs and an inclusion school. We have been blessed to know Heather Meyer Gabaud and her husband Dasmin for well over 6 years now. They are good and faithful stewards, reflecting Christ in all they do, and making dramatic impact in their community of Terrier Rouge and the surrounding areas through their organization, Footprints of the Son. Please take a moment to learn about what they are doing to carry on the work of the Gospel in Haiti. If you are so led, we hope that you will join us in supporting them, whether financially or just in prayer.