Stewardship & Discipleship


The word stewardship has become a bit of a Christian culture buzzword. While the word itself appears nowhere in scripture, the principle of stewardship is all over scripture, from Genesis straight through Revelation. I am willing to bet that when you hear this word, it evokes thoughts of finances and tithing. It might lead you to think about using your resources responsibly. But, stewardship is so very much more than fiscal responsibility and proper resource utilization.

A non-profit’s greatest asset is its volunteer force, and yet more than 75% of non-profits do not even have a defined volunteer strategy. Christian leaders have an even greater responsibility to steward this asset well. God has sent to us people with gifts, talents, and experience that will serve His kingdom causes well through our Christian organizations, and the onus is on leadership to be sure that is being facilitated properly. Check out the Maximize Your Impact page to learn more about how Genuine Stewards can help you do that. (Maximum Impact phrase should be a hyperlink back to that page).

From a personal perspective, we should understand that stewardship applies to every good gift we have been given by our Heavenly Father. We are stewards of our health, relationships, resources, income, local and global communities, nature, and so on, whether we want to be or not. We are even stewards of His grace and the Gospel, which we steward well by sharing it freely. I would imagine that like me, if you are reading this, you also want to be a good and faithful steward of all that God has given you and to teach your children to be the same.

In 2018, Genuine Stewards will be releasing resources for children’s ministry and online homeschool courses that will address holistic stewardship and so much more. Homeschool courses for middle and high school grades will cover subjects such as Introduction to Apologetics, Church History, New and Old Testament Survey, and Introduction to Bible Interpretation.


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The biblical principle of discipleship applied correctly within organizations can make a tremendous positive impact that ensures the health of the organization for years to come, or even generations to come. This is a crucial part of the intensive training we provide for non-profit organizations.

Discipleship within the Western church, especially within evangelical circles, has been widely neglected for far too long. With the purest of hearts and the best of intentions, we have been taught to focus on salvation, the “sinner’s prayer”, and getting our neighbor to come to a church service. We have forgotten the part that comes after baptism, “teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you.” We have forgotten that are commanded to go and make disciples, not drag them in the door and hope the pastor can convert them through preaching alone.

Discipleship happens most effectively through organic relationships within our natural spheres of influence- at work, school, in our neighborhoods, within our little league communities or our dance classes. But it must also be pursued intentionally, and before we can be disciple makers, we must first be mature disciples. The church must return to the biblical foundation of discipleship. Without the intentional discipleship following conversion and baptism, many believers will fall away and never cross the finish line of the race that Paul exhorted us all to persevere in. In late 2017, Genuine Stewards will release discipleship resources for individuals as well as the church.


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